Iva B

There is just one life for each of us: our own. Euripides

Do you want to take charge of your life and become your best and most authentic self? Let’s talk and figure out how to do that, in a way that makes most sense to you.

I offer supportive self-exploratory counselling for individuals, couples, and families to develop and nurture appreciation of each person’s unique life story, including your own.

My versatile training allows me to custom tailor my work to best suit your personality and specific issues at hand. I support clients with a wide range of personal and interpersonal issues including trauma and PTSD.

The aim of our work together is to encourage you to:

  • develop greater awareness of your life
  • understand your needs better
  • discover more of who you really are
  • address and resolve interpersonal issues
  • awaken and enhance your innate sense of wholeness
  • explore your view of the external world
  • understand and claim your role in your life