About me


… everyone else is already taken. (Oscar Wilde)
… the world worships the original. (Ingrid Bergman)

The fragrance and gentle, warm touch of sea-breeze
the point of perfectly still silence just before the sunrise
a shrewd breath of crisp mountain air
shimmer of the soft blanket of fresh snow
crocuses piercing the earth in the early spring
golden glow of late afternoon September sun
dancing and singing, moving my body through nature
my family and friends
…. make me feel alive.

I am mesmerized by the beauty and complexity of nature and all living things and passionately explore avenues for growth in all areas of life; individual, social, spiritual and professional.

I believe that food, sound and movement are my medicine and nature is my teacher. Profound and honest connection with myself and those who I choose to include in my life fill me with energy and excitement… make my life unique and meaningful.