Calla Lilly Therapy

Nothing can so pierce the soul as the uttermost sigh of the body. George Santayana

Calla Lilly Therapy – Whole Body Experience

I believe that true authenticity can be accessed through re-awakening awareness of the body and re-establishing a strong body-mind connection. I believe that our body holds not only memory, but also wisdom that is right precisely for us. Our bodies give us signs and signals, they “talk to us” all the time, yet sadly, we don’t hear and don’t understand those messages. We’ve gotten so much into our heads that we’ve lost connection with and forgotten the language of the body.

While sharing Thai Massage with my massage clients, I have discovered that as the entire body achieves deep relaxation, the mind can finally relax, quiet, take a break and maybe even let go for a while. In that state, we become more open to our feelings which manifest as sensations in our body. We become more attuned and connected to the wisdom of our body. We can experience our innate wholeness and the energy can start to flow more freely through our entire being.

I find this process supportive and chock-full of possibilities, yet extremely private and beautifully individual. Consequently, I set to explore a way to strengthen psychotherapy sessions with Thai Massage. I call this blend of psychotherapy and Thai Massage Calla Lilly Therapy. Calla Lily is available to clients who are interested in exploring their journey to wholeness through re-connecting with and re-learning the language of the body in a supportive, caring and sheltered environment.

As a symbol, Calla Lilly is associated with holiness, faith and purity. Additionally, as the cone-line flowers blossom in spring, they have become symbols of youth and rebirth.