Fees and Insurance

Money is a trade of your time for things you value. Noah Kagan

My goal is to provide therapy to those who want and need it and I am open to working with you to determine a fee that I am comfortable with and that also fits within your budget. If finances are an issue for you, let’s discuss options that we’re both comfortable with. Regular cost per single session is $140 for individuals and $180 for couples.

If you are in crisis, dial 911, call your local hospital’s emergency department or a Toronto Distress Centre 416-408-HELP (4357). Affordable psychotherapy is available through the Student Clinic at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto (416-964-9464).

Insurance Coverage
Although my fees are NOT covered by OHIP, they may be covered by some Extended Health Insurance Plans. You should inquire with your Extended Health Care Provider.  Fees paid to a Registered Psychotherapists may be deducted on your personal income tax return. Full details can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website (page 5).

Cash, check or e-transfer.

Cancellation Policy
I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.