Find strength in your broken places …. you may discover what makes your heart sing! (My bestest, Cindy)

We all know what we “should” do. We keep on analyzing and mentalizing, then get frustrated with ourselves for not doing “what we know we “should” do… we feel stuck, broken… we’re exhausted… we give up.

In our quest to do the “right thing” we can’t see the forest for the trees… we’ve lost touch with our true selves.

As a therapist, I believe in our innate right and capacity, as human beings, to be happy, connected and fulfilled.

I am a voracious learner and eager explorer of healing modalities and life practices that expand our potential for wholeness, authenticity and true connections, with ourselves and with each other.

I am curious about how our stories get stuck in our bodies and exploring ways to express and reframe these stories through art, body movement, sound or anything that speaks to you.

I believe that our bodies hold the clue to our true happiness.

My goal is to offer space and presence, so you can:

  • identify specific ways so you can unleash and strengthen your true expressions
  • understand and connect with your authentic self so that you can honour and accept your uniqueness and reclaim the zest for and joy of life.

I invite you to start a discovery journey so you can:

  • understand and honour why and how you have developed your unique way of coping with life challenges.
  • define and create strategies to initiate the changes you desire.
  • explore your broken places and discover what makes your heart sing.

My personal and professional therapeutic journey was defined and gently nurtured by the incredible, late JoAnne Greenham, my mentor and teacher at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. Thank you JoAnne!